Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I Put in my Sam's Shopping Cart This Week

bread flour, organic baby spring mix, garlic heads, diced tomatoes
*I break the flour down into gallon sized ziploc bags and then seal them in a Food Saver bag with my Food Saver & pop them into the upright freezer.
*The garlic sits in a bowl handy for cooking. We use a lot of garlic!
*The salad mix is used to add with any other greens we might have for salads. Lately, I've been enjoying adding kale from my container garden to our salads! Hubby prefers  iceberg and since lettuce is one of the veggies that I understand to have high amounts of pesticides, I try to buy organic lettuce.
*The tomatoes get portioned out into Rubbermaid containers in one and two cup amounts and are frozen. Then, once frozen, I pop them out of the Rubbermaid containers and into FoodSaver bags to seal out air and put them back in the freezer for future use.
The total= $19.79
{flours bagged up in FoodSaver bags, awaiting their ride out to the upright freezer in the garage}

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