Friday, October 10, 2014

Dinner Menus

This week we've enjoyed:

>>>leftover homemade mac & cheese, green beans

>>>homemade chili with beans (I halved the amount of meat, used ground turkey instead of beef and used crushed tomatoes instead of sauce [twice the amount called for] & also added about a half teaspoon of granulated garlic) rice, shredded Colby cheese and homemade cornbread

>>>a simple dinner of seasoned pinto beans (that I cook up from dried beans, portion & freeze), pico de gallo & corn tortillas

>>>"rotisserie" chicken in the slow cooker, Normandy style veggies

As I've probably mentioned before, since it's basically just the two of us (DD rarely eats at home), many meals stretch into two or more meals. If we get tired of eating them, I will portion them out and freeze them for future meals. So, that's why I only have four meals listed for this past seven day week!

I hope this inspires some ideas for anyone reading that might be wondering what to cook for dindin if your dinner makin' mojo has fallen into a rut!

Thanks for stopping in!~TJ

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