Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everyone's "Frugal" is Different

I read money saving type blogs as often as my life allows. And I've noticed that ideas about frugality are all as varied as the people who write about them. And that's OK. Each person has a different set of circumstances and a millionaires idea of thrifty will likely be completely different than mine or yours. That's what I think makes each thrifty/frugal/money saving blog interesting. And educational. I learn something from each and every one.

My hubby always brags to people that I can stretch a penny so far that it cries for mercy. As flattered as I feel that he's proud enough of that fact to actually share with people he knows (and not embarrassed by it), I know that I, by no means can hold a candle to some of you. And there was a time that I had to be even more careful and thrifty with my money. But seasons change in our lives and with that the wiggle room with which we can spend.

I was reading a blogger the other day that was sheepishly telling her readers that she and her spouse had decided to raise their grocery budget. She felt she might be letting her readers down since she has a money saving blog. But there's no shame in that! (You go girl!) She/they have been blessed and possibly wouldn't be able to get to the point of spending more money now if they hadn't been more careful with their money up until this point. Even still, I remember reading long ago when they were having to be veeeerrry frugal, that they decided that her having her hair professionally done (colored & cut I think. Ohhh, my sad little memory!) was an expense they felt was worth it. Then and even today, I couldn't begin to be as "with it" as she budget wise and I prefer to color my own hair. (I tried twice to have a "professional" color and highlight my hair & figured I could do as well myself. I do have someone cut my hair though.) Anyway, I'm only bragging on this blogger-I think it's great! 

And I would wish prosperity for everyone. But sometimes we have situations beyond our control, and there's is no shame in that. We just have to do our best with what we have and pray for better times.

And thank goodness for a gazillion money saving websites to glean knowledge from! Because...

when we know better, then we can do better. 
Hey, when I started researching frugality, my "internet" was the public library. Amy Dacyzyn (The Tightwad Gazette) anyone? Yeah. I'm that old.
Here's wishing you all the prosperity you can bear!~TJ

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