Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Kitchen-y Things

Want to peek into my kitchen? I spend a lot of time there so I could use the company. Entering from the living room, one of my African Violets waves hello. They are one of the few plants that I haven't killed yet (not that I try!). They are almost always in bloom. And their pretty purple flowers go with the purple & green colors I like in here...

(a little frame in the process of
getting a coat of black paint stands
by patiently waiting...)

Above the cabinets over the stove...

(a jar with layered beans and one with a cookie mix. Both were Christmas gifts I made in different years)

Above the cabinet over the "coffee station"...

A couple of things hanging on the wall...

(I LOVE pretty plates!)

A couple of corner shelves...

(One of the first teapots in my "collection"~ I LOVE teapots!!! And, what do you know...another pretty hand painted plate!

The recipe for hot chocolate mix was sent to me by my great aunt when I was a young bride, over (ahem) twenty seven years ago, along with a sweet note. I decided to bring it out of the deep recesses of my recipe box and display it along with the other things I treasure.)

Bowls and Basket

Well, those are a few of my favorite kitchen-y things. What are some of yours?

........Now if I could just find the perfect shade of yellow paint~~~

*********Responses to a few comments...

Terri, I like that saying about cats! I never heard it before but so true~

Irma, you're welcome! Glad you like it~

Gardengirl, I was knitting this:

...but now I'm done~

Thank you Annabelle ~
and Willow Rose ~
and Carolyn ~
AND everyone else that has stopped by and left sweet comments and compliments!


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

I love African Violets! I did a post with some photos a few days ago! Yours looks happy!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

I loved taking a scroll thru your pretty kitchen.. I love the scarf too, jut beautiful!

Law Wife said...

I love teapots too!

Julia said...

Hey thanks for coming by TAG!! I looked at your Etsy and am lovin your Senorita tea towel apron. Nice work and pattern combos! :)

and btw you kitchen is lovely too.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I enjoyed your kitchen tour!


Gardengirl said...

You have so many pretty things in your kitchen. My kitchen is very small so I have almost no space for displays but your African Violet has inspired me to go out and pick up a couple for my window sill. Have a great day.


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