Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Coffee Shop

We like coffee...alot.

Recently, hubby bought us a nifty cool new coffeemaker after we went out of town for four days and came home to find our coffee pot had never turned off like it was supposed to and had been HOT for those four days. (I knew it had been making weird noises.)
So, we got a Keurig.

It cost a pretty penny, ahem several hundred pretty dollars to be specific but hey, we like coffee.

This is our coffee station. Notice the nifty coffee K cup holer he found this past rotates so you can load cups on both sides. We have decaf on one side and an assortment of regular on the other.

In less than a minute, we can have a steaming, fragrant cup of coffee.

This is the K up close for your viewing pleasure ;-)...

Our coffee habit has now become a more expensive habit.


IgorDelNorte said...

Congratulations. I love Keurig B70 Brewer as well. K-Cup Carousel make it even better. Fast and easy way to make Great coffee :). This is great website if you interesting with K Cups Giveaways every week plus bunch of Coupons on K-Cups

tommiejo said...

Oooh! Thank you! I'll check it out! I do like my coffee :)

samantha said...

Your coffee station looks awsome! I too, love coffee, but unfortunatly I have to stay away from it now, because I get so dizzy, and I passed out from it.


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