Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Brother!

This past week, I spent a frustrating day trying to sew on a machine that just was not cooperating. So, I set out the next day to buy a simple machine to use until I could get the old one working for me. Why is nothing ever as simple as you think it will be?

Shop #1-My very smart hubby discouraged me from going to W**M*** to buy one so I went to a fabric store. They had one on sale that worked with the amount that had been OK'd by hubby. But it wasn't in stock. So, I asked where there was a shop nearby that they recommended.

Shop #2-I went to a privately owned shop where there was no machine that I wanted in my price range-more like 3 times my price range. Frustration continued to mount.

Shop #3-I quickly stopped in another shop. Same finding. I made the second frustrated call to hubby.

Back at home, without a new machine, I called another shop (soon to be known as Shop #5). The nice lady said they did have a machine in my price range. That evening, hubby & I went over the info that the lady at Shop #2 gave me regarding their machines. Hubby OK'd the more expensive machine. (I've been sooo blessed to have hubby!)

Next morning, as I was planning to go back to Shop #2 and purchase the machine, I made a quick call to my mom who makes a living sewing. Surely she would have an opinion an sewing machines and could offer a sound, unbiased opinion. She wasn't there but my dad told me what he knew and told me the shop that carried the brand she used (Shop #5). Off to Shop #5 I went, note pad with questions written down in tow.

Shop #5-Had the machines alright and again, the kind I wanted was well out of the (new) price range I had been ok'd to spend (again by 3 times the amount-can I drive to the mall in that model?!?!). So, to make a long story short, after four hours in that shop, I walked out with a brand new machine. Here it is in all it's glory...

The vintage model is in the cabinet that the new machine is sitting on...

I really want to figure out how to use the older model so I have a backup when necessary. I'm sure it's me and not the machine. Now excuse me please while I go sew...

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