Thursday, November 20, 2008

Agenda du Jour

"It's Thursday! That's almost as good as Friday!", I used to say on Thursdays while I was working outside the home. Well I still feel that way but in a different way. I enjoy the weekends for the opportunity they give me to spend time with my family. While I was working outside the home, the weekends were not only an opportunity to spend time with the fam, but also as a little taste of how I wished everyday to be (minus the "must catch up" mode that blanketed my mood). Now I'm working at home, doing things I love to do and working it around my family and home life, which feels very natural to me. But to keep things on track and remain productive, I have to meet each day with a plan.

My plans for today include:

1) laundry-delicates & bed linens

2) making important phone calls

3) working on knitting and sewing projects

4) baking sugar cookies for Ari (her favorite!)

5) figuring out what to have for dinner...hmmm?

6) tweaking my daily schedule

7) cleaning bathrooms

8) more cleaning in preparation for Thanksgiving guests

9) exercise-30 minutes :-]

10)doing my best to stay on track with my healthy eating plan :-/

11)various other things that are sure to sidetrack me and demand my attention!!!

What are your plans for today?

1 comment:

samantha said...

I say Friday is almost as good as Saturday, because saturday and sunday I get to see my son all day. That is a good list. I usually write my list on the white board a little at a time.


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