Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Thursday!

We are one day closer to the weekend, which so many people look forward to. I love each day just about equally but I do enjoy the days most when the whole family is home & gets to be together. Yes, I do work most weekends but am only gone for about 6 hours at the most.
Speaking of loving certain days of the week, Wednesdays are one of our favorites because it is a designated day that we go out to dinner to one of our favorite nearby restaurants. So, that being said, I had forgotten yesterday was Wednesday and had planned on trying this new recipe but had to postpone it 'til today. We went to an Italian restaurant and hubby had pasta while DD & I had their white pizza with extra garlic and a dish of marinara on the side to dip the crust in P:. So good.
Today I've been cleaning house, mostly focusing on our bedroom. Where DOES all that dust come from?!
I also made bread pudding to use up those odds & ends of bread that I have been stashing in the freezer. This time I used some gluten free cinnamon raisin bread and a gluten free muffin that DD lost interest in before it was used/eaten up. I've never used gluten free bread in the recipe so I'm interested in how it will turn out. I'll keep you posted.
We finally got our rain yesterday and some cool weather followed. I'm in heaven on earth. I'm convinced I was meant to be living in London or some other equally gray and dreary area...I love that kind of weather. I'm a weirdo I know!
I still have yet to do a scrapbook page but I have been working on new aprons for the shop. I have a new apron that I call "Mamaw's Favorite Workaday Apron". My grandson calls me Mamaw & the style of apron truly is my favorite style when I have messy work at hand so that I can protect my clothing. Many a time I have forgone donning an apron only to regret it when the first splatter of grease or sauce hits my blouse.
Well, I'm off to wrap up the days doings...

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