Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Recipe's a Winner! Cabbage Minestrone With Chick Peas

I made this delicious recipe the other night and it turned out to be a major winner with young & old alike in our household. The yums & mmm mmm mmm's kept coming. It's a very economical dish and filling without any meat. I did a bit of tweaking as usual:

I used half coconut oil & half olive oil. (1 Tbsp of each) I had a can of garbanzos/chick peas on hand so I used that instead of the dried version.
Hubby's not a fan of cooked onion so I just left out the fresh & sprinkled in a bit of onion powder for the flavor~not too much.

I love my OXO can opener! It's the kind that doesn't leave sharp edges on the lids & interior of the cans.

Another tried & true kitchen gadget that I use alot & love is this Terraillon scale. I put the empty container on it, turn it on and the weight starts at zero (it doesn't add in what the container weighs so no adding & subtracting.)

I used the whole head of cabbage.
Happily bubbling away. I cooked it for about half the time that the recipe called for since my beans were precooked.

It's a great winter's eve soup but would be equally fitting any time of the year!

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