Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Weighty Issue...

For several weeks I have been so busy that I have not weighed myself. I just figured that since I have been so active since being laid off from work (which was a desk job) that the fact that I was eating whatever I wanted would be balanced out by the new activity in my life. Well, no. I finally weighed myself yesterday and found I had gained a few pounds. I am already way (or is it "weigh"?) over what I would like to weigh and to find that I am gaining? That just won't do. So, just a few short weeks before the biggest eating season of the year, I am back on the wagon of weight loss. I normally follow the Somersize plan which allows you to eat yummy meals without measuring, counting and weighing stuff. And I started yesterday, immediately after weighing myself! Wish me luck!

A favorite beverage that I drink without sugar or cream and sometimes iced is Yerba Mate' tea. I usually mix it with another tea that has mint or flavorings that I enjoy since the Mate' has a taste on it's own that I haven't quite grown accustomed to. Try it for the health benefits and let me know what you think!

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