Friday, October 11, 2013

Meals, Snacks & Exercise

In an attempt to keep track of what I'm eating so I don't lose focus on my objectives of getting healthier, I'm recording my meals &, snacks as boring as it may be to any poor soul that happens to stumble upon my blog, lol!
I do find it is keeping me more aware of what and how much I'm eating on a daily basis and actually causes me to think through what I eat even when tempted by not so healthy things. Like today...

Upon awakening: 1 reg coffee & 1 decaf coffee both with 1 teaspoon each of heavy cream.

Meal 1:  1/2 egg white veggie omelette, sliced tomatoes

Meal 2: the other half of my egg white veggie omelette & sliced tomatoes

Snack: 7 candy corns (craving sweets BUT used portion control)

Meal 3: brown rice & mushroom recipe I tried. It contained cream of mush soup, butter, brown rice and addition fresh mushrooms.    1 &  1/2 cups. Dessert: I treated myself to 2 rectangles of Hersheys dark chocolate. Again, portion control, which for me is HUGE.

Drinks throughout the day: unsweetened iced green tea, water

I took my dog for a twenty minute walk and then also went for a 45 minute spin on the new recumbent bike we bought yesterday (& hubby put together today!).

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