Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some Objectives of Mine

I thought I would post some things I would like to work toward with my eating and nutrition and the "whys" behind them. These are "for now" as I'm sure, like the oceans tide, they may change.

Objective 1- Weight loss of 50 pounds. This is the big one. For aesthetic purposes, yeah. But the main reason is that I want to be vibrantly healthy as I get older, not sick and suffering as I am now. And I believe that a healthy weight is the foundation in many other health related issues.

Objective 2- Get off my blood pressure meds. Which I believe is tied into Objective 1.

For now, those are two lofty goals I'd like to focus on in my journey for better nutrition. Again, this is for me and I realize food and nutrition are very, very personal. I'm not trying to preach to anyone. I'm just recording this journey so I can look back to see any changes and how long they may have taken.

How do I plan to obtain these objectives? For starters, I am aiming for more fruits & veggies in my diet. And portion control.

That's it. For now. I don't want to overwhelm myself as I have always done in the past by trying too much, too soon, getting overwhelmed, losing focus & then quitting. I tend to be all or nothing in so many areas but find that that tendency backfires on me all too often.

So, for now that's it. If I can maintain these simple changes, I feel I'll be on my way to great changes!

With visions of broccoli and berries in my head~TJ

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