Friday, August 22, 2014

Dinner Menus and Updates

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The past few days have been spent trying to have dishwasher troubles, the leak in our bedroom closet and a new problem developed-cable tv issues-resolved.  The dishwasher showed up on Thursday, however, it was damaged out of the box before they even brought it into our home. So now, they are supposed to come back tomorrow, Saturday.

The cable guy came out and the cable worked for 24 hours before showing signs of the same troubles again. They are supposed to be out Monday.

Thankfully, we found a good plumber that came out right away and took care of the leak but there are still things related to the leak that need to be taken care of. (Imagine damp carpet we are in the process of cleaning and drying out and the closet contents all over our bedroom, office, and guest bedroom until the drywall can be repaired and carpeting issues resolved.  Yeah.) 

I share these happenings not to be a downer or to complain, but to encourage you, so that if you are going through some things as well, you know you are not alone.  It can sometimes feel that way.  And sometimes problems happen in a "when it rains it pours" fashion, magnifying the situation.

All we can do is try to laugh about it and keep a sense of humor and remember that "this too shall pass".  But in the meantime, I believe the stress has gotten to me.  My ongoing neck and shoulder issues seem to have flared up over these past three days as well. Pain.  In the neck. Literally.  And because of that, I have been taking it as easy as possible.  So, my daily goals have been set aside for the time being and I have only focused on taking care of those daily things that must be taken care of.  Plants and pets and the like.

Therefore, I'm only going to list our last couple of days dinner meals and then get back to nursing my aching neck and shoulder with tlc and gentle stretches.  

Dinner Menus 

Wednesday- we had Schlotzky sandwiches since the plumber was here and the water to the house was shut off.  I had a veggie, hubby had a fiesta chicken.

Thursday- Chicken enchilada casserole, made with some turkey I had in the freezer.  So, technically, turkey enchilada casserole. (low carb= no tortillas but hubby had Frito scoops with his)

Friday- Spicy black beans and rice  (made with beans that were in the freezer that I had cooked and divided and frozen for quick and easy meals such as this.)

Not ideal. I would like to have had salad or veggies with our meals but I just wasn't up for a big production, I felt happy to have just made the entrees and gotten a hot meal made.  I was trying to have as few dirty dishes to wash as possible, lol. 

Have a great day y'all!~TJ

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