Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ebates~My New (Savings) Love!

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I always seem to be a little late on any new bandwagons. Recently, after hearing about it, I discovered
Ebates. I did a bit of clothing shopping and a few weeks later got a check from them for $9 & change. Cool! Shopping with a money kickback? Yep. I'm sold! Last night, when ordering out regular coffee order, I remembered to check on Ebates for the online store (I'm still getting used to remembering to use it---can you imagine?!) and found they were giving 2.5% cash back plus 5% off any order. After getting on the coffee website, I found they were offering a back to school 6% off any order special that trumped the 5% on the Ebates site! Add in the free shipping on orders $45 or more, plus the $1 off I used from "Loyalty Points" earned from out last order and we saved a total of $11.18! I truly love saving money! It becomes addictive. I learned frugality during a time when it was a necessity for survival but now I can't see any reason not to be prudent with money. It makes it go further even in the abundant times (i.e. there's more money left over to buy other things!).
If you're interested in saving money when you shop online and haven't heard about Ebates yet, I encourage you to check them out by clicking any "Ebates" word in this post and it will take you to there website where you can sign up and begin earning cash back on your online purchases. 

*when you follow the link and sign up with Ebates through my blog, I will earn a small referral fee, and I thank you and very much appreciate it!

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