Friday, August 15, 2014

Fridays Goals

gifts from the garden~arranged in a vase saved from a Mother's Day arrangement

Friday's Goals

1. raspberries~ freeze the 5 pints I bought on sale for $1 each at Randalls on Wednesday. (I rinse, air dry for a bit on paper towels and then spread out on a parchment or wax paper lined cookie sheet before popping in the freezer for and hour. Then into zip top gallon bags before placing back into the freezer. Some I might use the food saver on for longer storage.

2.  chicken stock~ strain and place chicken stock that I made in the slow cooker from
 carcass of  the baked chicken we had last week. Place into freezer containers and into
freezer. (The one chicken was eaten baked the first night, and then we used some meat in
 a green salad another night. Any bits of chicken that is strained out of the broth will be
a treat for the kitties. OK...and maybe Dollface too.)

3.  vacuum downstairs

4.  oregano, thyme and basil~ cut and prepare for drying. (I just lay herbs out on a flour sack towel lined baking sheet and cover with paper towels so that air circulates but no dust settles on them.)

5. tackle kitchen hotspots~ the table and windowsill by the back door become a catchall for things that need to go out in the garage,garden or recycling bin. ugh...

6.  bathe Dollface~ so `tinky toes can become twinkly toes! (did I hear a puppy "ugh"?)

~bonus (if I can get to it project(s)~

*misc. sewing/mending




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