Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Life of Mine

sunny summertime days~blue skies, palm trees, warm breezes...pine trees too!

Today we have the plumber in fixing things we have put off for a while (since we were having a hard time finding a plumber we could count on and trust). New toilet fixtures, a new kitchen faucet, the bathtub faucet.  The closet is still torn up from the leak and that will have to be addressed by having someone replace the carpet and repair the drywall in the wall where it had to be removed in order for him to get to the leaky pipe. 

I feel like our house has had a small explosion within the walls since stuff is everywhere. Anyway, since life is like that at times, I'm just taking a step back from my usual "daily goal" list and am going to focus on getting my sewing/craft room in some sort of order.  It has gotten so out of control I've lost all interest in going in there and being creative.  I haven't sewn or worked on any scrapbook pages. The clutter and disorganization just overwhelm me! 

We are also making plans to get someone in to landscape the front yard and are in the process of researching companies. I'm hoping for something very low maintenance since I'm not a big outdoorsy girl when it comes to going out in our extremely humid, brutally hot weather and doing yard work.  Add in voraciously hungry mosquitos thank you!  I do enjoy those rare days that are truly lovely to spend time out enjoying our backyard and I don't mind puttering around planting seeds for my container gardening efforts here and there. 

I've also decided, since our breakfasts are generally the same from day to day, and we don't often eat lunch, that I would just keep track of our dinner menus and post the weeks dinner menus only, at the end of the week.
Basically, this blog of mine will just evolve as I see ways to make it easier to journal this life of mine.  And I appreciate you coming along!
Thanks for stopping by!~TJ


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your projects!

Laverne Knight said...

Yes, it's important to find a plumber that you can trust. It looks like your house has some plumbing problems, which is all the more reason to find one. Getting those fixed should be a priority, else they could lead to bigger problems later on. Good luck!

Laverne Knight @ Midland Mechanical


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