Monday, August 18, 2014

Saturdays and Sundays Menu; Mondays Goals

Saturdays Menu

Breakfast~ I had plain yogurt with honey; hubby had fried eggs and toast

Lunch~ ****crickets chirping****

Dinner~ We had Taco Bell~~~hubby=2 Quesaritos; me= Chicken Cantina Bowl...nummy!

Sundays Menu

Breakfast~ I had a protein smoothie; hubby had cold cereal & milk

Lunch~  I had an Atkins bar; hubby wasn't hungry

Dinner~  homemade chicken, mushroom, wild rice soup
Monday's Goals
1.  take hubby to doctor appointment
2.  misc. sewing/mending~
3.  powder room windowsill hotspot~ clean it off & wipe it down
4.  spend 15 minutes in craft/sewing room cleaning and organizing
5.  go through seeds and choose next ones to plant
6.  harvest sage & (since I didn't do it Sunday) basil to dry
                             ~bonus (if I can get to it project(s)~
* clean out cabinet under microwave
  Have a great day y'all!~ TJ


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